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Because white supremacy remains the order of the day, cultural imperialists like Ray Milefsky (“Object’d Art,” 6/13) find it perfectly acceptable to move into the District’s black communities and tell longtime residents what they can and cannot display as artwork. This is not a new thing. White colonialists like Milefsky have been doing this for hundreds of years. It’s ironic, too, that Milefsky complains about black-themed murals perpetuating Shaw’s ghetto status, yet he himself created a fake cafe façade titled “Bistrot au Ghetto.”

If Milefsky were indeed committed to anti-racism and truly concerned about his so-called blighted community, he would engage local residents rather than upholding racist maxims that govern his thinking—such as the age-old adage that white men like himself have the right to go anywhere they want and tell people of color what they need or need not do.

Baltimore, Md.