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For several records, Freescha has earned constant comparisons to more well-known practitioners of pastoral electronica. In fact, the San Fernando Valley duo sounds so similar to a certain genre-defining Scottish twosome that one is tempted to snarkily refer to them as Boards of California. Freescha does have a couple of distinguishing characteristics, though: a complete obsession with early-’80s popular culture and a penchant for Humbert Humbert-esque eroticism. On the band’s latest, Whats Come Inside of You, both the song titles (“Rinky Dink,” “Smurf Shoe”) and the cover art (all Bubblicious script and pastel hues) evoke junior high during the Reagan administration. Of course, Inside You isn’t as much about sparkly lip gloss or polychromatic Lisa Frank unicorn stickers on Trapper Keepers as the feather-haired nubiles who wielded such things. Unlike several of its organic-electronica counterparts, Freescha doesn’t employ samples of children cavorting in the playground. Instead, the only discernible human samples are of a slightly more adult nature: orgasmic moans. On “Watcha Gonna Go for It?” and “Rap the Beat On,” they snuggle up to elements borrowed from Gap Band-style party funk and human-beatbox hiphop; on “Lover Function,” to a gettin’-it-on rhythm section and cartoonish keyboard effects. The result conjures an after-school special in which a series of sexual misadventures takes place in a confectionery wonderland—imagine the soundtrack to Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory as directed by the Mitchell Brothers. Elsewhere, the band manages to conjure a similar atmosphere even without the moans: “Feel Back” layers on a sonic wash reminiscent of Boards of Canada’s patented sound, and “Too Close to Try” features analog synths that are absolutely dripping with whatever fluid 10cc used to dip its songs in. It’s true that Freescha may not have the most forward-looking sound out there—but for those who can’t forget their pubescent fantasies of couples-only skates and back-seat gropefests, that might not be such a bad thing. —David Dunlap Jr.