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I am curious about David Morton’s rationale in writing “The Hard Cell” (6/20). Were we supposed to jump up and down, cry buckets of tears, or be endlessly sympathetic to Rashann Howard’s ordeal and the misadventures of this single jail inmate? I think not! On the other hand, no one in jail or outside of it should have to suffer at the hands of another person with medical problems or emotional shortcomings.

Jails were never built to represent luxury suites or the comforts of home sweet home. All I can say to anyone considering breaking into a life of crime is “Don’t go there, friend or foe!”

On another note, Jason Cherkis’ story “Heap of Trouble” (6/20) was an eyeful to read about. Why would anyone want to run the risk of reducing the value of his property or accumulating fines just to get a parking space in front of his house? How unattractive can the owner get? What ever happened to parking in the garage in the rear of the house? The flagstone materials shown in the picture are an eyesore. The owner’s refusal to move the stuff won’t do anything but cause more problems for him.

I can think of a couple of things the owner could have done with the fines he paid over the situation. One is to invest in a vacation, which he probably needs by now, and the other is to pave his back yard for a parking space—after approval from the appropriate governmental agency.