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The Washington Psychotronic Film Society and Visions Cinema Bistro Lounge are adding life to the venerable midnight-movie tradition with the new “Cheap Shots” film series. The concept is straight outta Mystery Science Theater 3000: Show bad movies and invite the audience to yell smarty-pants ad-libs at the screen. That task might be more challenging than usual for Showgirls. It’s hard to top such scripted-in howlers as, “You got something wrong with your nipples?,” “I got bigger tits than the fucking Virgin Mary,” and “I have a problem with pussy.” Roger Ebert dismissed the 1995 film as “Joe Eszterhas’ masturbatory fantasies,” while a nicer Leonard Maltin was moved to call it “stupefyingly awful.” And where would Janeane Garofalo be today without Showgirls to despise during those uncertain mid-’90s years? Even the casting directors mocked it, according to film extra (and D.C. scenestress) Laura Teeler. Look for her in the Cheetah Club scene—she’s one of the few not-naked patrons—and say something nice at midnight at Visions Cinema Bistro Lounge, 1927 Florida Ave. NW. $5. (202) 667-0090. (Dave Nuttycombe)