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As of this past weekend, Takoma Park vandals have added a new offense to their misdeeds: price gouging. On July 6, resident Steve Preister came out of his house to find that someone was trying to sell his car against his will: Some would-be used-car dealer, armed with a purple marker, had written the words “For Sale. $8,000” on the windshield. At least one other car in the neighborhood was defaced, and police are investigating. But beyond the surprise of seeing the graffiti—which came off with some Windex—Preister says via e-mail that he experienced a bit of sticker shock. “They priced the car quite high,” he writes. “It’s an 11-year-old Honda Accord!” According to the Kelley Blue Book Web site, the actual value is between $3,725 and $4,625. —Annys Shin