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Josh Levin, figure it out—we residents like Tenleytown (“Wisconsin Badgers,” 7/4)! That’s why we live here. We don’t want to be in the suburbs, and we don’t want to be in Cleveland Park. What you may call Skid Row, we call funky!

Your cover photo of the mattress store, with your comment “Look what they’re left with,” which I gather is meant to be derisive, is interesting for what it shows and for what it leaves out. What we’re left with is a terrific neighborhood where we can walk over and buy a mattress, and then walk down the block and eat fresh crabs (your other mocking photo, of the Dancing Crab.) We can also walk to any number of other great restaurants or movies, to Rodman’s, Neiman-Marcus, Filene’s Basement, or a treasure of a music store (none of which you mentioned or showed). And as you did mention, we can also stroll over to have our pictures framed, our computers repaired, our teeth cleaned. We can go weeks without getting into a car.

This is a first-class city neighborhood. We don’t need to be rescued by anyone, least of all city planners and the D.C. government!