If Jamaican dancehall is analogous to hiphop, then the island’s “lovers rock” is its equivalent to quiet-storm R&B. Since the late ’80s, the Kingston-born Sanchez has proved himself a master of the genre. His modus operandi is simple: Pick a syrupy American ballad such as Larry Graham’s “One in a Million You” or even Tracy Chapman’s “Baby Can I Hold You,” get hotshot producers to program soothing Caribbean rhythms, and then wail like a sensitive, gentlemanly choirboy. And though that’s been enough to make him a ladies’ man, Sanchez has also shown a bit of range by collaborating with reggae rappers and penning some songs of his own, including a political tune called “South Africa.” Reputed to be a great showman, he’ll nonetheless probably emphasize sugar-sweet tales of loneliness and ardor when he plays with Tinga Stewart and Flourgan at 10 p.m. at Crossroads, 4103 Baltimore Ave., Bladensburg. $20 (advance purchase). (301) 927-1056. (Steve Kiviat)