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In: Shepherd Park

Residents Are Opposing: Weeds in alleys

Because: Drug dealers stash contraband in undergrowth.

We Say: Why does this weed taste like Roundup?

In: Capitol Hill

Residents Are Opposing: DirecTV satellite dishes

Because: Unsightly dishes are bad for property values.

We Say: Historically accurate wooden satellite dishes are less expensive than you think.

In: Ward 4

Residents Are Opposing: Liquor stores using windows as advertising space

Because: It’s unpleasant visual clutter.

We Say: “Tonight, Let It Be Fenty” posters are still OK.

In: Chinatown

Residents Are Opposing: Proposed eight-story advertising signs

Because: They’ll make the neighborhood look like Times Square.

We Say: All that’s needed to complete the picture is people.

In: Takoma, D.C.

Residents Are Opposing: Safeway on Piney Branch Road

Because: The shrubbery around it is inadequate.

We Say: The romaine isn’t too perky, either.

—John Metcalfe and Josh Levin