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In mid-July, District contractors rebuilding pavement on Mintwood Place NW poured a fresh, 10-inch base layer of concrete on the north side of the one-way street. Now, workers are waiting to see if they’ll be tearing it out again. “What originally was supposed to just be a resurfacing job turned into a bigger job,” says Karyn Good, a District Department of Transportation spokesperson, “because they found some other issues lying under the concrete.” First, diggers struck gas lines, which had to be reburied two feet deeper. Then, last week, the District Water and Sewer Authority found lead water pipes that might need replacing. If they do, Good says, the new roadbed needs to come up—pushing the completion date for the beleaguered block still later. Along the south side of the street, which is still untouched, the first generation of “No Parking” signs announces a finish date of “5-17-03.” Some signs have since been revised: “8-4-03.” —Chris Shott