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I just finished reading two articles in the July 25 Washington City Paper. “Intruders Alert” mentions Chris Lively’s efforts to get out-of-state cars off the streets of Glover Park (and, if he has his way, off private property as well) to create more parking spaces. How altruistic of him. However, what the article doesn’t bring out is that it’s not just out-of-state residents Lively is after—it’s your friends from Virginia or Maryland who come over in the evening or on weekends and park perfectly legally on the street outside your house. If they visit more than three times in 60 days, Lively and his database program will report them to the already overworked police department.

At the same time, Jason Cherkis’ article on the harassment of Steve Hatfill by the FBI (“Watching the Detectives”) recounts that there are upward of a dozen agents on the ground at all times in the streets around his girlfriend’s apartment. That is, at least a dozen cars cluttering up the streets at any one time. Ironic, isn’t it?

Glover Park