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Josh Levin’s article (“Wisconsin Badgers,” 7/4) unfairly labels Tenleytowners as against any development at all. As a Tenleytown resident and member of the Coalition to Stop Tenleytown Overdevelopment, I support development—residential and commercial—that conforms to current zoning. It is overdevelopment that I (and my neighbors) object to—high-rise, high-density structures that enrich the developers but impoverish the residents through increased crime, parking problems, and congestion.

Current zoning allows for development that will add vitality to the neighborhood without destroying the character that has made Tenleytown such a great place to live. The combination residential and commercial project taking place at the Sears/Hechinger site is an example of development that conforms to existing guidelines. If future development likewise conforms to current zoning, Tenleytown will become a model of smart development for the entire city.