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I have just finished reading “Free Rider” (8/1) by Tom Scocca. Just a comment that I don’t hear anyone addressing: What about all of the revenues we commuters bring to the District on a daily basis, including sales taxes? While we commute every day from the Maryland and Virginia suburbs, we utilize the businesses that are located in the District. What about the restaurants we use for breakfast, lunch, or dinner? What about the money we contribute to the public-transportation system? What about the shopping we do at the local businesses and retail chains? If it weren’t for the commuters coming to work every day, some of the businesses would not exist—there would be no need for them.

The city must also realize that the tourist industry puts a lot of pressure on the services the District provides. Tour buses block the streets and cause traffic jams, air pollution, and road deterioration. What next? Will the tourist have to pay a visiting tax? Where is the line drawn? Just a thought.

Kensington, Md.