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Breakfast yesterday was courtesy of 7-Eleven: a bottle of juice and a stale croissant. After many cups of caffeine, lunch was a bag of Famous Amos chocolate-chip cookies consumed in my cube. Following an afternoon Snickers, dinner brought the first healthy choice of the day. Well, actually it was a Healthy Choice microwave meal, which isn’t all that healthy. And maybe a little depressing. Certainly Dr. Neal Barnard, the D.C.-based researcher and author of Breaking the Food Seduction, wouldn’t approve. With such catchy chapters as “Sweet Nothings: The Sugar Seduction,” “Opiates on a Cracker: The Cheese Seduction,” and “The Sizzle: The Meat Seduction,” Barnard’s book joins a long list of helpful, medical-ish publications attempting to attack—and cash in on—our obese culture. “You might be a willing victim of doughnuts,” he writes. More than willing, doc. Much more than willing. Fight the power when Barnard speaks at 7:30 p.m. at Barnes & Noble, 3651 Jefferson Davis Highway, Alexandria. Free. (703) 299-9124. (Dave Nuttycombe)