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Grind wants to be the Blue Crush of skateboarding, but it’s more like a warm-weather version of Out Cold. (Don’t remember it? Exactly.) The story of four stereotypical teens who go on a skateboarding tour to chase their idol and seek team sponsorship, Grind aims low, offering sufficient ‘boarding action for its target audience but not a whole lot for anyone else. Most seriously lacking are the film’s “stars,” who merely need to be appealing and look decent in director Casey La Scala’s many below-the-knee and from-behind shots. Unfortunately, these guys are merely derivative: The O.C.’s Adam Brody, as Dustin, the Serious One, channels Vince Vaughn in delivery and demeanor. Joey Kern, as Sweet Lou, the Smooth One, shamelessly mimics Matthew McConaughey’s jailbait-lovin’ Dazed and Confused character. And 32-year-old (!) Vince Vieluf, as Matt, the Obnoxious One, reprises his Rat Race role, adding a composite of every dim horndog in cinematic history. Meanwhile, Fox vet Mike Vogel, as Eric, the group’s leader, is simply blank—proving that there is a shallower well from which to draw cheap labor than the WB. The humor is expectedly sophomoric—for dudes so focused on the feet, Eric & Co. are also unnaturally obsessed with the ass—and although La Scala and screenwriter Ralph Sall nearly succeed in properly shaping Grind into the kind of silly world in which the line “Wanna make out?” actually works, the actors’ comedic limitations are emphasized by cameos from Bobcat Goldthwait, Randy Quaid, and Tom Green. In between the occasionally thrilling skateboarding sequences, the film is little more than a series of random isn’t-this-crazy moments—though a sub-subplot involving a sexy car thief is almost worth it just to hear Sweet Lou say, “Wham, bam, steal the van.” —Tricia Olszewski