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On Aug. 18, Downtown Cluster of Congregations Director Terry Lynch wrote to the postmaster general, asking the Postal Service to help fight gang violence in Mount Pleasant by painting out graffiti on Ward 1 mailboxes. The letter included a list of specific cleanup targets—some sporting such gangland tags as X-3, ROC, and 14 Girard Cut Crew, and some featuring nongang offerings from the likes of Enter, decoy, Aztek, and Boner. Though Lynch’s request doesn’t differentiate between the two types, it’s likely a paint-over by Big Mail will. Gang-tagged mailboxes, says D.C. graffiti historian Roger Gastman, will be the ones immune to repainting. Independent graffiti writers “will stop hitting it if they know it’s being buffed,” says Gastman. “Gang writers have a whole different mentality. They’re like, ‘Screw you—it’s our property and we’ll keep on writing until you know it and respect it.’” —John Metcalfe