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I thought it might simply have been a matter of misreading (skimming) the print edition of the article (“Carpet Diem,” 8/15). Yet after I conducted a text search of the online article for the words “Foggy Bottom,” all my suspicions (I’ve got nothin’) were confirmed. Therefore, the new and historic (prehistoric) Foggy Bottom as a porch-turf tourist stop is of general omission.

Whereas I’ve an (eyewitness) account, I hereby swear that the total of one (1) row house, right over on F Street NW, between 21st Street and 22nd Street (Metro accessible), boasts a bona fide stretch of porch turf that’s as majestic as any east of the Rock Creek Parkies. One may even witness the splendor in the green-green (simulated) grass carpet of our neighbor’s home. One may even (enviously) turn green.

Foggy Bottom