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TO OCT. 18

Cherry Red’s Worm Girl presents one lousy makeover scenario: Fed up with her unpopularity, mousy doormat Marla decides she’d be happier as one of her pet worms. She soon becomes a half-worm, half-girl creature with a theme song and trouble controlling her bodily functions. Sure, the worm life has its advantages: You get to breathe though your pores, live in such exotic places as underwater volcanoes and human intestines, and cultivate needed humus. But all that still doesn’t win Worm Girl the affection of oh-so-popular cheerleader Straci. Not that Straci’s got much room on her social calendar: She’s too busy trying to ink football hero Derek in as her June prom date (never mind that it’s still November). The three still manage to spend some time together during trips to the beach and to the Winter Olympics in Pakistan—plenty of time, anyway, for gratuitous nudity and fart jokes. Andrea Thome’s play expands on a Worm Girl short that was part of last year’s Dingleberries showcase, but this new version adds little in the way of plot or character development. Truth be told, what Worm Girl really has to offer is the cast’s ample gusto, and Anton Dudley’s direction stretches that gusto far. As Straci, Kate Debelack plays the priss with many decibels to spare, and, as Worm Girl, Monique LaForce (pictured, with David Guess as Derek) will squirm her way right into your heart—or some other area of your body. The show starts at 11 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays to Oct. 18 at the Source Theatre, 1835 14th St. NW. $15. (202) 298-9077. (Mike DeBonis)