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This letter is in response to the article about Deno’s (“Breeze’s Last Shot,” 9/26). I have been going to “the Met” (Deno’s) since 1997, and I think the way they are portraying the club is a downright shame. It has to be one of the safest and best-organized clubs D.C. has ever seen, unlike the Ibex and Eastside, where a lot of people were not frisked and the crowd would be smokin’ weed and women were getting naked. You never see any of that at Deno’s, the most chill club you can find in this city.

Of course, different nights bring different crowds to Deno’s, because different go-go bands bring out different elements. I was a faithful Thursday-night patron, with the Backyard Band. I have never had a bad experience at that club, and I bet 98 percent of the people who have been there can say the same thing.

If they shut Deno’s down, that’s the biggest slap in the face I can think of. Breeze is the only owner you actually see in his club every week! He is the only owner who has safety announcements after the show is over—the man has a recording that gives the guidelines of the club! No one else takes the time to do that.

I can’t believe our Thursday-night club is about to be over. We all are ages 24 to 33, and Deno’s was our place to come after work on a Thursday night, get a drink from the bar, and listen to the greatest genre of music ever conceived: go-go. Since the first time I stepped through

those doors, the place has had my heart and respect.

Much love to Breeze and Deno’s. Deno’s will always be my fave club, because Deno’s cares about you. And any violence that happened is because of the few ignorant dummies who would be violent any place in the city, not just a club.

If you really want to stop the violence, do something about the way kids are being raised nowadays on these city blocks, and stop shutting down clubs, using them as scapegoats. The more clubs they shut down, the more people in the street—most likely up to no good.

Breeze, keep it real, champ. I signed that petition very proudly, homey, and I hope we get the club back to how it was in August—best party in the city!

Oxon Hill, Md.