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I have been a resident of D.C. for nearly five years. The story regarding Advisory Neighborhood Commissioner the Rev. Ruth “Mother” Goodwin (“Kicking and Screaming,” 10/3) smacks of racist comments and sets a bad example of how the D.C. government handles situations. I have one question for you: Did the commissioner have a permit to protest on District property? If not, she should be fined or ticketed for her racist protest.

These are kids getting exercise and being kids. Given the fact that the obesity rate among youth is ever increasing, adults should do nothing to hinder any activity that gets our kids out away from the Xbox and asinine reality shows. Goodwin asks, “When’s the last time you saw a black kid playing soccer?” One of the most talented young soccer players in the world is right here in the D.C. area and is of color, and there are several black players on the U.S. as well as other teams in the Women’s World Cup. This furthers my point that the commissioner’s comments were racially motivated and made without knowing all the facts. She is frustrated that people didn’t bring soccer to her particular community.

My comments are: Big effin’ deal. If a kid wants to play soccer in this league or any other in the area, I’m sure the policy is the more, the merrier. Why should one have to “bring soccer” if one wants to play? Go get soccer. The Stoddert League people have done nothing wrong and have been consistently taken advantage of by D.C. government, whose highest-ranking official is of color. Yet I would never even dream of saying that the mayor is instituting racial profiling and purposely bleeding an organization run by white people. He has simply surrounded himself with inept people who lack the capabilities to govern effectively. (In my opinion, the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree.)

In addition, my friends who play hockey do not call D.C. a racist society because they have to travel to get ice time in Maryland or Virginia. As absurd as that sounds, it pales in comparison with what happened to those aspiring Hamms, Wambachs, and Scurrys at the behest of an elected D.C. official.

In summary, the commissioner overstepped her boundaries, and that is a terrible precedent to set. Punishing kids by withholding a field for purely personal reasons is just abhorrent. And she is a minister? I’m glad I’m not part of that church. If the commissioner is having problems with D.C. services, as she cites in the article, let her join the crowd! For the money all of us in D.C. pay to live here, the services are among the worst in the nation. Perhaps the D.C. Council can address these legitimate concerns. In the meantime, I hope Goodwin is properly reprimanded for her actions against little kids wanting to play soccer.

Dupont Circle