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When I was young, Logan’s Run had me convinced that concerts of the future would consist of two guys in weird costumes standing behind some Lucite tubes and pumping their arms. So of course the first time I paid to see someone sitting behind a laptop and making music, I felt as if the future had finally arrived. The second time, however, I felt like a chump—if I really want to be bored crapless, I have digital cable. So why go see something immodestly billed as a “Laptop Symphony”? Because it’s being presented by erstwhile Washingtonian BT, who’s fun to watch even when he’s DJing—he jumps around, he gets the crowd going, and he shakes his frosted hair every which way. The “Laptop Symphony” finds the trance icon stripping hooks (and presumably irony) from such artists as Pink Floyd and Kraftwerk, adding beats and bass lines, then seeing what happens. In the hands of an indie dude who’s just discovered Reason, this could be a nightmare, but BT’s an old hand at music software and has even written some of his own, the better to keep other artists from biting his trademark stuttering vocals. It’s probable that he’ll pull out some numbers from his new album, Emotional Technology, which is a return to the uplifting trance that made him a star of the genre back in the mid-’90s. Since he’s back home, could we possibly be treated to a Deep Dish reunion? Don’t ask me. I’m terrible at predicting the future. BT spins at 11 p.m. at Nation, 1015 Half St. SE. $15-$20. (202) 432-7328. (Andrew Beaujon)