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Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) officers on patrol often have only their glowing computer screens for company. On Oct. 17, a pair of cops cruising down Mount Pleasant Street NW were visibly seeking companionship from a late-night friend familiar to many: computer solitaire. Capt. James Crane, director of communications for the MPD, says that, although the in-car computers feature a dispatch system and local and federal crime databases, they don’t include games. Adding personal programs to cruiser computers is a violation of department policy, Crane says—and, given the lack of floppy drives, a technological challenge. “That would have to be a very sophisticated user who put that on themselves, and we would like to know about that,” Crane says. Some officers, he adds, may carry personal laptops for writing crime reports. But in that case, Crane says, “He shouldn’t be playing a game, either, when he’s supposed to be working.” —Josh Levin