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Thank you for finally saying what so desperately needed to be said about the music scene in this Devil-forsaken city (“In on the Killjoy,” 10/17). I couldn’t agree more with Michael Little’s sentiments. Although I do not dislike Fugazi and have attended a couple of their shows over the years, I have never understood why every music fan at virtually every Black Cat show I have ever attended has a dour face, a statue-like pose, and an apparent determination to have no fun whatsoever.

Additionally, it frustrates me to no end that the music that seems to thrive in D.C. is best described as “I’m too cool to tune my guitar properly.”

I play in a heavy funk band aligned with the 703.com consortium of bands—a community that is supportive despite being small. Still, we typically enjoy our shows away from home more than those in our back yard. When we play shows in Springfield, Va., Trenton, N.J., New Cumberland, Pa., Richmond, Va., or Baltimore, the kids throw down. The difference in crowd response between D.C. and the other towns we play never ceases to amaze me.

Anyway, I really dug the article. It would be nice if it woke up the rock monster in a few more kids in this city.