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Michael Little’s article on Fugazi and Ian MacKaye (“In on the Killjoy,” 10/17) was the biggest piece of shite I’ve ever read. Obviously this guy has some ax to grind with MacKaye. Maybe he couldn’t get an interview and this was his way of retaliating?

For god’s sake, I live in D.C., and the lack of good music has nothing to do with Fugazi and everything to do with the fact that this is a political town and it attracts the earnest and ambitious like flies to shit. A town full of people who either want to save the world or run it is not going to spawn a decadent rock ‘n’ roll scene. End of story.

To deride Fugazi for wanting to make the world a better place is absolutely ridiculous. How many others in the rock world are lifting a finger to help anyone but themselves? Do we need more selfish, mindless pricks like Fred Durst? Or more drug-addled Spi¬nal Tap look-alikes fucking 14-year-old groupies? I think the world could do without. God forbid Fugazi should offer an alternative to the pervasive stupidity of popular culture.

If the author is so certain that he knows best what rock should be about, why doesn’t he go out and start a band instead of whining and bitching about MacKaye? As D.O.A. so eloquently put it, “Talk – Action = Zero.”

Mount Pleasant