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After reading “In on the Killjoy” (10/17), I’d like to express my thanks to Michael Little for enlightening me on the Rules of Rock ‘n’ Roll (rock must be pure fun, must be dumb, must be immoral, must involve drinking and drugs, etc.). I’ve been listening to the stuff for quite a long time and I have to admit that, until now, I was so naive as to think that rock is about how any one person can express himself and say whatever he wants to say…you know, which then generates an audience that appreciates and responds to whatever it is that person is saying.

What a simpleton I was!

And golly, I sure wish Mr. Little had written this article years ago, so that a lot of others who have embarrassed themselves by incorrectly imbuing their music with their political beliefs (you know, like, the Clash, the Sex Pistols, the Minuteman, U2, Midnight Oil, that Patti Smith woman, those always political Dead Kennedys, and that oh-so-politically-correct Dylan guy that he mentioned) would have just shut up about their personal beliefs and just rocked out, man! Gee, even those Ramones that Mr. Little loves so much clearly violated the rules with their political, Reagan-slamming “Bonzo Goes to Bitburg” stuff! What were they thinking?

And that Ian MacKaye! Naughty, naughty man! How dare he sing about his beliefs—whatever they may be—in his bands! Surely there must have been some nasty brainwashing going on, ’cause how else could such a boring and sanctimonious band as Fugazi generate such a large and devoted following…and single-handedly turn them all into strident and uptight people?! Perhaps (this is D.C., after all…) a special prosecutor should be hired to look into this, because, after reading the article, I’m thinking there must have been an Ian MacKaye-driven conspiracy that suppressed all the fun bands on the D.C. rock scene! Where else could they have gone? Surely there were a lot of great, fun, totally rockin’ bands all set to put D.C. on the map before being felled by Ian’s pious ax. How else could Fugazi have gotten its stranglehold on Washington?

Thank you, Mr. Little. I look forward to being further enlightened by your next insightful and balanced article.

Silver Spring, Md.