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The Lobster Boy Revue calls itself “freakish vaudeville,” but that moniker is fairly redundant. The vaudeville stage, like those of music halls, minstrel shows, and even “legit” theater that came before, was always a haven for freaks. Showbiz is a natural refuge for the weirdos who cannot—or will not—fit in with normal, polite society. (Hello, Céline!) Some denizens find their way to the footlights out of shame; others revel in the close camaraderie of oddball peers. And so, though the modern Lobster Boy strides the boards somehow playing an accordion, accompanied by the likes of neo-burlesque queens Trixie Little and Miss Betty Beaumont, drag rockers Eva Brontosaurus, the comedy stylings of Phillips and Flathead, and others, he is not really so new. Refreshing, yes—but we’re all nearly a century too late for the twisted animal acts that once roamed the Orpheum circuit. Catch this Lobster while you can at 9 p.m. at Chief Ike’s Mambo Room, 1725 Columbia Road NW. $10. (202) 462-6331. (Dave Nuttycombe)