That was a funny, simplistic story by Michael Little (“In on the Killjoy,” 10/17), but how long has he lived in D.C.? I moved away in 1976, when I was 14, but I still managed to find out about some humorous bands and fall in love with Fugazi. Before Minor Threat and Fugazi, of course, there were Root Boy Slim & the Sex Change Band. Root Boy still managed to do funny tunes even in the ’80s—check out “Rich, White, & Republican.” Later on, there was also a well-known band named Unrest. I saw Unrest open for Fugazi at First Avenue in Minneapolis, and it had a cool song called “Yes She Is My Skinhead Girl.” The 7-inch has pictures with Sammy Davis Jr. on it.

Serious stuff. Didn’t Little ever hear of the TeenBeat label? They put out a lot of funny, cool stuff in the ’80s and ’90s. Even from Minneapolis, I’ve been able to enjoy the diversity and humor of D.C., and recognize Fugazi for what it is: not a group of joyless rock preachers, but instead one of the most intense and innovative bands in the world. And every one of its shows that I have attended has been a joyous celebration of punk-rock spirit. No moshing, but all kinds of dancing.

Little should be celebrating D.C.’s good fortune, not whining.