I just wanted to say that I’m a pretty ardent reader of the Washington City Paper, but your cover story on Fugazi (“In on the Killjoy,” 10/17) revolted me. The witch hunt and personal resentment of the band by author Michael Little were so painfully obvious and redundantly tacky that they completely destroyed any valid point that Little could possibly have hoped to get across. Blaming a single band for the shortcomings of a dull music scene is not only exceptionally shortsighted, but it reflects a hateful ignorance that destroys any level of credibility.

I’m not a huge fan of Fugazi, but if it were not for this band, most of the country wouldn’t even know there was even a scene in D.C. to be dulled.

This article reflects Little’s agenda to use his position to effect some sort of vendetta against Fugazi. Perhaps he was once upon a time slighted by Ian MacKaye & Co. for his moral deficiency and never quite recovered. It’s obvious irresponsible journalism.

Woodbridge, Va.