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Will you please stop printing articles about Fugazi (“In on the Killjoy,” 10/17)? Seriously, just stop. Issue your obsessed contributors a restraining order. It’s time to move on. Find new relationships. It’s a big city out there, and there are many new bands in D.C. that have nothing to do with Fugazi, some of which may not even (gasp!) own a Fugazi album. That the Washington City Paper ignores, or is just plain unaware of, the bands building a new scene (one that does drugs, drinks, smokes, fucks, and dances) serves as proof that your writers are lazy, out of touch, and as boring as the bygone era they can’t seem to leave behind.

Whether musicians care to admit it or not, press is needed to validate a scene in the public eye. How will a new scene ever be recognized in D.C. when the city’s largest alternative weekly publication can’t let go of Fugazi? Your editors need to be asking your writers why they haven’t found new bands to cover. Or perhaps it is just time to hire writers who are willing to do the work it takes to find new bands, instead of staying home and writing yet another fucking article about Fugazi.

Silver Spring, Md.