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The edges of the hiphop galaxy have become more and more amorphous in the past decade, as artists fleeing the gravitational pull of the commercial center have pushed farther into musical space. The exodus has proved two things: (1) The beat—in the metaphysical sense—is inviolable, and (2) everything else is highly vulnerable to cosmic rays. As Prefuse 73, Scott Herren has decided that MCs are largely expendable, because boasts and narratives tend to be linear things, and they fracture easily under the rigors of interstellar travel. In Herren’s sector of the sonic fringe, hiphop equals chop shop: The average Prefuse track has plenty of one-two thump, but the human voice becomes an abstraction, just another rhythm in the mix. His buddy Dabrye (Tadd Mullinix), meanwhile, seems drawn to the mysterious zone where hiphop mingles with the sensuous side of IDM. The interaction, however, is not passionate the way Capt. Kirk bedding an extraterrestrial honey is. It’s more like Capt. Picard thinking about bedding an extraterrestrial honey—the important part is the exchange of ideas, not of fluids. Beans (pictured), on the other hand, seems motivated by the fear that in space, no one can hear you MC. As a solo artist, the Antipop Consortium member prefers minimalist bizarro beats built for galactic excursions. But Beans’ voice provides the power: It’s a baritone that can go ballistic in a blink. And though he’s pretty far from home base, he packs plenty of b-boy nostalgia to keep the mission on course. The show starts at 8:30 p.m. Thursday. Nov. 6, on the Black Cat’s Mainstage, 1811 14th St. NW. $12. 202-667-7960. (Joe Warminsky)