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Al Franken may have his silly book titles, and Christopher Hitchens may dip his poison pen in a bottle of Glenlivet from time to time, but guerrilla artist Robbie Conal knows the polemic power of a good, nasty doodle. Artburn is a collection of politically themed caricatures and comments that Conal has produced for LA Weekly over the last five years. Sure, his targets are the size of the side of a barn, but who can argue when he’s got such luminaries as Dr. Laura, Colin Powell, and the almost-forgotten John Rocker among them? Like a modern-day Honoré Daumier, Conal goes after the rich and powerful, rendering them as pustule-ridden grotesqueries. (Think Drew Friedman after a 24-hour C-SPAN bender.) Like any satirist, Conal knows the importance of remaining timely. His most recent creation (seen on his Web site) depicts a certain barbarian-elect from Conal’s home state: It’s appropriately titled “Achtung Baby!” Conal speaks at 6 p.m. at Politics and Prose, 5015 Connecticut Ave. NW. Free. (202) 364-1919. (David Dunlap Jr.)