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So, as I read in “Scoot Out” (10/3), the official policy of the Metropolitan Police Department is to watch criminals just drive away with our property: “‘We followed it…but [the driver]…took off’” and the “department’s no-chase policy stopped the cops…”

I just want to say thank you to Chief Charles Ramsey for providing an environment where we cannot feel safe. Thank you for not pursuing theft, so that theft insurance now costs nearly four times as much in the District as it does in Maryland or Virginia (if you can even find a company who will insure your two-wheeled vehicle).

And thank you for having officers such as Detective Charles Elliott who are educated in local law: “What you want to do is lock it to something.” Because Washington, unlike London, does not provide security bars in its motorcycle spots, locking a motor scooter to something requires that you push your bike onto the sidewalk—where the ever-efficient officers of the Department of Public Works will happily leave a pink slip containing a $100 fine on your seat for parking on a sidewalk.

Arlington, Va.