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Talk about bad tryptophan. 1971’s Blood Freak tells the cautionary tale of ‘Nam-vet biker Herschell, who lands a job on a Florida turkey farm, where he smokes dope, beds the boss’s naughty daughter, and eats some experimental Butterball. Soon after this fateful meal, Hersch begins twitching violently, and the next thing you know, the easy rider’s well-coiffed head has morphed into a red-eyed gobbler’s. Worse, he gets a hankerin’ for human blood. The silly stoners blame the weed: “It’s not only his appearance,” notes one spaced-out observer, “it’s his head. He’s not Herschell, anymore. He’s changin’.” Surely PETA and DARE must have joined forces to produce this chilling piece of propaganda. Skip the turkey despite your munchies when the Washington Psychotronic Film Society presents Blood Freak at 8 p.m. at Dr. Dremo’s Taphouse, 2001 Clarendon Boulevard, Arlington. $2 (suggested donation). (202) 736-1732. (Chris Shott)