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As a regular reader of the Washington City Paper, I appreciate the diversity of issues and stories you cover. Usually, if you publish an article that I am not particularly interested in, I just don’t read it—I move on to the other news and information.

Rarely am I disturbed by your cover stories, but the headline “Hell on Heels” (11/21), by Sarah Godfrey, is a different story altogether. This “article” has no journalistic value whatsoever. Its glorification of women with violent tendencies when under the influence of alcohol is indefensible. Godfrey attempts to give her “article” some legitimacy by raising the gender issue—that is, that as a society we treat violence by women against women differently than that between men. So what?

Furthermore, your cover illustration was simply an attempt to titillate and draw readers into reading this worthless “article.” I expect the City Paper to meet a higher standard of journalism.

Silver Spring, Md.