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In her piece on the Wellspring compilation (“The Producer,” Artifacts, 11/21), Annys Shin says I, Eric Tischler, “signed” Cinerama and Barbara Manning. I’m not sure if she was confused or succumbed to poor word choice, but people might be under the impression that I’m claiming those bands now have a contract with Sonic Boomerang Records. What I told Shin was that I asked those groups to contribute to the comp, and they were good enough to do so. There won’t be any future releases from either Barbara Manning or Cinerama on Sonic Boomerang Records; them fish’re too big for us to fry.

Also, Shin was correct to quote me as saying the comp is “tuneful,” but in the context of the article, I think she failed to convey how damn tuneful I think it is, so: The Wellspring comp is damn tuneful, and anyone who chooses to buy it will not only be aiding a fine organization (Bread for the City) but will also become the proud owner of 12 damn good songs.

Silver Spring, Md.