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I am writing this letter in an effort to correct a few inaccuracies and misconceptions that were presented in your article “Hate Thy Neighbor” (11/21).

First and foremost, I do not, never did, and never will hate my neighbors. Even those who, I feel, have committed evil acts against me. Hatred is an all-controlling and all-consuming cancer that ultimately destroys the individual. It takes less energy to love, forgive, and try to present a positive example.

Second, several accusations in your article, which I will not address individually, were just wrong and untrue. I never did them. The issues on Wylie Street were happening long before I moved there and involved a lot more victims than just myself. And there are years of police records and other documentation to validate this claim. It is disheartening that the Washington City Paper did not choose to interview the real victims.

I assure you that I stand by every claim that I have made and there is no exaggeration. I have only done what any law-abiding citizen would have done. No, I do not want drugs sold on my street or around my property. No, I do not like litter on my street. No, I do not like noise all throughout the night. No, I do not want my property vandalized and destroyed. I believe that those of us of good will have a mandate to leave our communities and our world better than we found them. I love my neighbors even if I do not like some of the things they do. And I believe my actions have proved this to be true. And I hope you will print this letter with the same passion with which you published the article.

Near Northeast