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By no mere stretch of anyone’s imagination should the title of the article “Slum Kind of Wonderful” (11/14) cause confusion with the old proper rock song. There is nothing wonderful about any slum landlord who chronically fails to make repairs and continues to provide substandard and uninhabitable apartments in return for jacked-up rents. If we were to do the math, nothing would add up. Despite all of the municipal regulations and laws in the District of Columbia, many slum landlords continue their usual practice of providing substandard housing and related services because they are led to believe they can get away with it.

In essence, our city is no longer for the tenants.

Many tenants decry how the government is not doing enough to protect their rights and environment; others question whether or not the government and landlords have joined forces with the sole purpose of gentrification and increasing revenue, because low-income residences are being forced out of dilapidated homes to live either on the street or in a shelter. Middle-income tenants are struggling to keep up with increased rents. In the meantime, many bulldozers and cranes are standing by. Yet the D.C. government has no plan or strategy for displaced tenants.

If the tenants at 2922 Sherman Ave. NW are successful in buying the apartment building, it will be difficult for them to live on the premises during the renovation process. The dilemma boils down to: Stay and eat dust or move on. I hope and pray that these tenants are making the right decision.