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In: Logan Circle

Residents Are Opposing: A residence that has housed, at various times, a stationery store, a laundromat, a law office, and a “ball cap sewing operation”

Because: It’s a zoning violation.

We Say: Worse yet, it was a “ball cap sewing operation with release.”

In: Brookland

Residents Are Opposing: The person who stole a “Peace” flag from a porch

Because: Stealing is wrong.

We Say: Angry mob offers poetic justice: a savage beating.

In: Takoma Park

Residents Are Opposing: Two pedestrian “Walk” signs

Because: They face the wrong way.

We Say: So that’s why the ditch is full of guide dogs.

In: Cleveland Park

Residents Are Opposing: The SunTrust Bank on Connecticut Avenue NW

Because: It shut down its ATM.

We Say: Cash-poor residents now paying au pairs with gold bricks.

In: Foggy Bottom

Residents Are Opposing: George Washington University Hospital signage

Because: Oversized messages “scream at you.”

We Say: And if you scream back, then you’re the crazy one. —Josh Levin