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Besides attempting to take a cheap shot at Adrian Fenty, what was the point of Chris Shott’s article “Traveling Man” (12/5)? For whom are Fenty’s “wandering feet” a cause of concern? Certainly not me or other D.C. residents. Your “investigation” demonstrates that Shott has way too much time on his hands.

The premise of the article is ridiculous: A councilmember should take an isolationist approach and never leave his ward? Why does Shott think this would benefit Ward 4 constituents? If more councilmembers took the time to promote their wards in all parts of the city, the result might actually be to foster new ideas, more investment, and enhanced understanding within the ward. One might ask Shott why that would be a bad thing.

I am active in numerous civic activities within Wards 3 and 4 that benefit D.C.’s children.

Have you checked the e-mail capabilities or replies of other councilmembers? Or tried to set up a meeting?

I live in Ward 3, and over the years I have made numerous attempts to communicate with “our” councilmember, whether about children’s athletics or the renovation of schools, streets, or playgrounds. Phone calls, letters, and e-mails remain unreturned or redirected to staff. Fenty, on the other hand, answers e-mails at all hours and advises what direction to take to get something done. He is straightforward about his sense of opposing agendas, and he seems pretty balanced about what can and can’t be achieved in the city. Further, contrary to the implication of Shott’s article, Fenty puts his ward in the forefront when dealing with those outside it. I have heard him discuss problems within his ward, such as Georgia Avenue, the need for improved retail services, and the need for better housing for constituents, on multiple occasions.

I don’t know Adrian Fenty that well. But from what I know, he seems to be doing his job and doing it well.

Glover Park