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Name withheld

Metrobus driver, D8 line

“Sorry. I just talked about it with [a reporter] the other day on K Street.”

George Gauthier, 59

Adams Morgan


“This is the only thing I can tell you: I was in the Childe Harold a few years back. They all took me for Joe Gibbs in there. They wanted me to buy everybody drinks.”

Clarence Payne, 49

Bowie, Md.

Computer technician

“I remember the heyday. The Super Bowls, Doug Williams. When I heard about [Gibbs], I just got excited. It’s not gonna be a quick fix….To get us back to the Super Bowl, I give him two years.”

Kevin Mahaney, 24

Capitol Hill


“I’m thrilled. This is the best thing to happen to this city since Jordan came….I just hope Dan Snyder has patience with him, because there are gonna be growing pains. I hope he doesn’t give him the boot.”

Hope Vess, 52

Capitol Heights, Md.

Union Station baggage foreman

“I think the Skins will do better, but the Cowboys will still win….I’ve been a Dallas Cowboy fan since the days of Roger Staubach. My son is 33 years old and doesn’t know why he’s a Cowboy fan. I wouldn’t let him wear burgundy and gold. You can do that to a child.”

Name withheld

Employee at the Washington

Redskins store in Union Station:

“Sorry. We’re not allowed to say anything. I can’t talk to you.” CP

Art accompanying story in the printed newspaper is not available in this archive: Photographs by Darrow Montgomery.