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New York and California hipsters may be struggling to decide whether trucker caps are hip or obsolescent. But in the District, they’re patriotic. Ikeso Alston, a Southwest native, has been selling oversize mesh caps featuring the D.C. flag on a white patch for $15 a pop to Pabst Blue Ribbon–swilling hipsters on U Street. Alston, a party promoter (and Washington City Paper delivery driver), says his side business “started out as kind of a joke” when he made a prototype to wear to a party. “I wanted to stand out,” he says. When he arrived at the club, though, he says “people went crazy” for his hat. So Alston began hawking them at stores. He says he’s sold about 50. The accessories, he says, are educational: “A lot of people who live here don’t know that this is the D.C. flag.” —Annys Shin

On Jan. 14, Mount Pleasant Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners Will Grant and Jack McKay dropped in on a meeting of their Columbia Heights counterparts to discuss “building bridges” between the two often estranged communities. In particular, they were lobbying for a long-standing proposal to amend the name of the Columbia Heights Metro station to include Mount Pleasant. Metro would require the Columbia Heights commissioners to approve the decision. “That would be a wonderful thing,” McKay said. “But it would be a long time coming.” Three years ago, when the issue last came up, Columbia Heights rejected the overtures from across 16th Street unanimously. This time, Columbia Heights Commissioner Janice Boyd displayed some of that same attitude toward her more gentrified neighbors: “If you have ignored us all this time, ignore on,” she said. Her colleague Lenwood Johnson was at least somewhat stirred by McKay’s plea: He moved to support the renaming. No one, however, offered a second. —Mike DeBonis