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Your Jan. 16 edition carried a

review of Logan Tavern titled “’Hood Ornament.”

Please. I enjoy your paper. I enjoy reading restaurant reviews. I look to find guidance and insight, suggestions, even warnings when necessary. But it has been a long time since I came across such a bitchy, nasty, mean-spirited, and utterly useless restaurant review as this one turned out to be.

I eat at Logan Tavern. I am a local. I live in the ’hood. I have become a regular, if eating at a restaurant since the day it opened at least twice a week is any measure of regularity.

And I have problems with Logan Tavern myself. I am a vegetarian, and I have had to train the restaurant in how to cater to my needs. And the management and the staff have taken my suggestions on board and responded very well to my concerns. They have been responsive to me and to the special requests made by my partner and friends each time we have dined there.

I have seen nothing to justify any of your review’s criticisms. I won’t enumerate how many times my judgment differs from your critic’s—and, in all fairness, as a vegetarian, I have not tasted the wings, the meatloaf, the shrimp, or the other dishes that caused your author such dyspepsia.

But neither the restaurant, its staff, its cooking, nor the clientele has done anything to deserve the snide, demeaning tone the author takes in his appraisal: “…aspires to give the well-heeled new denizens of Logan Circle the illusion of stability and permanence they so desperately crave.” I have yet to see a desperately craving new denizen dining at Logan Tavern. And later: “…so long as they can sup in an atmosphere that affirms their sense of worth in a city that is inclined to see them as interlopers.” This comment—whatever its intention—certainly has no place in a restaurant review.

As a 25-plus-year resident of the area, I am affronted and disappointed to see such verbiage pass for criticism. We who actually live and work in the Logan Circle area are heartened by the appearance of Logan Tavern and other aspiring eateries. Collectively, they are providing our community with meeting places, casual dining opportunities, and—lest I fail to mention—good food.

Logan Circle