Robert Lalasz and Leonard Roberge, in your CP Arts end-of-year wrapup

article (“Access Hollywood,” 12/26/03), made irresponsible comments about Internet piracy controls.

1. The music industry has an established system that works. Songwriters have to get paid; like plumbers, we have to pay the mortgage. Why should we be singled out as victims of theft?

2. The grand larcenist who created Napster enabled the theft of billions of dollars’ worth of copyrighted materials. Songwriters have suffered enough already. Can you legally swipe a sandwich from Subway?

3. Web downloads will continue, and theft will, too. Efforts to stop this will only be partially successful. We will continue losing money as people illegally download materials. And football players will continue getting salaries in the millions that are disproportionate. Stop rationalizing theft.