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Talk about wasted votes: More than 100 registered D.C. Statehood Green Party members opted to write in their picks in the District’s “Presidential Preference Primary Election” on Jan. 13. But the D.C. Board of Elections and Ethics has refused to count and report these names—leaving the local party wondering how to apportion its delegates at the Green Party’s national convention. “We never count any write-ins unless it’s going to change the election results,” says Ken McGhie, the board’s general counsel. The board tallied and listed the party’s write-ins during the 2002 primary, when write-ins collectively outpolled mayoral candidate Steve Donkin 384 to 293. This time, presidential hopeful David Cobb edged out the write-in block, 140 (37.4 percent) to 116 (31 percent). Candidate Sheila Bilyeu came in third with 69 votes (18.5 percent), while 49 ballots (13.1 percent) were marked “No candidate.” —Chris Shott