The next time the Washington City Paper selects a writer to cover an aspect of R&B music, try finding a writer who has some knowledge of the subject. “Rhyme and Punishment” (1/23) by Sarah Godfrey contains one of the most idiotic lines I have read in any article concerning R&B music: “As New Yorkers were creating music history, we were utterly infatuated with one of the tackiest musical movements of all time. Washington was strictly a funk town.”

I am sorry, but that so-called tacky musical movement has left a lot of great music that is still being played, ripped off, and loved to this day. I can’t say the same for a lot of hiphop.

A note to Godfrey: Funk does not die—it multiplies. And wearing a red leather jacket and being a funk hater still means you’re bamafied in Chocolate City.

Bowie, Md.