Brookville Supermarket manager Jim Shipman says he spent months mulling what to do for the troops in Iraq. “I would think about it at night,” he says. His conclusion: send 500-some cases of Girl Scout cookies there. Four Scout troops around Cleveland Park signed on, and neighbors began exhorting each other to buy cases. But when the cookie drive reached a neighborhood online bulletin board, resident Judy Kopff, operations director of legislative affairs for the United States office of the Coalition Provisional Authority, flashed a red light: “[D]onations such as these cookies are always rejected….[T]hink about whether you’d want the cookies…to take up limited airplane space otherwise used for key supplies, weaponry, personnel, etc.” Scout-troop leader Olivia Hilton says the cookies will be rerouted to military hospitals and to the military departure lounge at BWI. “All cookies donated will go to U.S. service members posted to the Iraq theater,” Hilton says. —Bidisha Banerjee