The marriage issue aside, given President George W. Bush’s opposition to voting rights for District residents, it was wrong for David Catania to raise funds for Bush’s re-election (Loose Lips, 2/27). As an elected (sort of) member of the D.C. Council, he has a duty to look out for the best interests of D.C.’s residents. Electing a president opposed to giving them a voice in national politics is not in their best interests. Of course, Councilmember Carol Schwartz doesn’t get a pass on this, either. She is a Bush delegate to the Republican National Convention in New York this summer.

Perhaps it is time we rewrite D.C.’s charter, so Republicans are not virtually guaranteed two at-large seats on the council. If Catania and Schwartz had to truly run for their positions, they might make sure their actions better reflect the values of D.C. residents.