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When the Sherwood Recreation Center opened last fall in Stanton Park, Advisory Neighborhood Commission (ANC) 6A thought it had at last found a permanent office, after three years without one. Talks with Sherwood Director Frank Crawford suggested that the group could use a room in the center for six hours per week in return for purchasing office furniture for the room, says Joseph Fengler, the group’s chair. But on March 11, Crawford informed Fengler that the ANC was no longer welcome at Sherwood. In anticipation of moving in, the group had already purchased a desk, filing cabinets, and chairs at a cost of nearly $1,000. Now all the furniture, which sits stacked and unopened in the rec center, will be sent back, Fengler says. Department of Parks and Recreation spokesperson Terry Lee says Crawford “didn’t have the authority” to give space to the group, so he was forced to take back his offer. But another ANC has had office space in Parks and Rec’s Chevy Chase Community Center for more than 15 years, says former commissioner Jeff Norman: “We just asked for it and there was no issue.” —Mike DeBonis