When will we as a society understand the effects of bullying and taunting? My heart goes out to James “J-Rock” Richardson’s family, but I also feel a deep sense of compassion for Thomas “T.J.” Boykin (“Incident No. 1113,” 3/5). My, how hard it must have been to go to school every day to face threats and bullying all connected to where this young man called home. When will ignorant people stop fighting and upholding property that doesn’t even belong to them?

T.J. wanted nothing but to come to school, learn, graduate, and continue his education. I blame Ballou for its history of promoting a failed school scheme, and frankly, those ambulance-chasing lawyers should be on the door step of Pearlie Boykin, who is also a victim. It’s a disgrace, and D.C. Public Schools officials should be ashamed of themselves for failing to protect and properly educate our future leaders. Shame on them, shame on Principal Art Bridges, and shame on James Richardson’s parents for allowing their son to be a menace to other students and for downplaying his actions just because he could play football. What makes running across a white line with a football so damn special when your child is an academic failure and troublemaker?

Now we have lost two future leaders, one by the gun and the other by the prison system. D.C. school system, thanks for nothing.

Dupont Circle