“Dobies, Rotts—they over. Ya gotta shave ’em before they hold the ink.” So says tattoo artist Nestor “Li’l Sticky” Gutierrez. Famed in East L.A. for adapting the prison-style designs of hiphop darling Mr. Cartoon for the canine set, Gutierrez holds up Zapopa, a miniature Mexican Hairless named for his grandmother. (“Don’t like no hair on my bitches,” the artist maintains.) The dog’s back displays a beautiful Byzantine memorial to his abuelita, her portrait ringed in roses and Gothic script and paired with a radiant rendering of the Virgin of Guadalupe. Recently relocated to D.C. (his girlfriend attends grad school at GW), Gutierrez introduces himself to locals with “Ink Yo Bitch,” a daylong demonstration of the finer points of his artistry. So far there’s been only one message he’s refused to inscribe: “Some dude wanted me to do ‘PUG4LIFE.’ But that’s just played.” Line up early with your best friend at 10:30 a.m. at the Pen, 4104 Chagot St. NW. $50–$1,500 (anesthesia extra depending on weight of animal). (202) 332-2100, x331. (Calvin Broadass)