Last fall, when Forney Enterprises renovated the basketball court at Walter Pierce Park on Adams Mill Road NW, the contractor laid down a new asphalt surface on top of the old one—bringing the ground a few inches too close to the rims. After neighborhood ballers complained about the discrepancy, Forney put in new backboards and posts at the right height. Within weeks, though, one of the rims was bent. Last week, new, sturdier backboards and posts were installed—but not precisely where the old posts had been, to the further dismay of finicky hoopsters. “[T]he end result will be an unusable 3 point line…and 7-foot free throw line,” fumed Ted Martin on an electronic bulletin board. Neighborhood commissioner Bryan Weaver tested Martin’s prediction with a tape measure. The free-throw lines are off, Weaver reports—but only by 2 inches. The court will be repainted by May 31, a Forney spokesperson says. —Annys Shin